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"Once a Coyote, Always a Coyote."

About us

The Wiley PTA was first established in 2010. The Wiley Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is made up of parent volunteers collaborating with school staff and administration to support our mission to provide programs and services that will enhance the learning environment, to help ensure our school and classrooms are equipped for both teaching and learning, and to work closely with our school principal to best determine how and where PTA can help.  No matter what program, service, or event our PTA is sponsoring, the goal is to benefit our children!

The Wiley PTA strives to support the Wiley families and engage students by providing services for the school and hosting activities for the families to participate in. We look forward to seeing you this year!!


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Visit to sign up to become a PTA member and support your school! Individual memberships are $15 and couples are $25. A membership also allows you to vote during meetings on how our PTA budget is utilized!

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