Fall 2021 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, state-required testing in spring 2021 was postponed. To comply with federal requirements around annual assessment, we will be conducting state-required testing with students in Grades 4-9, 11 and 12 with assessments they regularly would have taken the prior spring. These tests, paired with regular testing that will take place in the spring, will allow the district to meet federal requirements and ensure students are growing in their learning.

Learn About Standardized Testing Assessments

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About i-Ready Assessments

RSD now uses i-Ready assessments to measure student growth and success.

i-Ready is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, is compatible with the district's curricula, and has cost and time requirements similar to previous district assessments. More importantly, the reports i-Ready provides on student performance are more useful and user-friendly data for teachers, parents and students. Additionally, the assessment offers a wider array of resources to help teachers target instruction to help students.